991 Series

Rim Locks

  • Body is constructed from alloy metal with chrome plating. Zinc plating is also available.
  • Features a 7 lever cylinder.
  • Key removable in both locked and unlocked positions.
  • Supplied with 2 keys per lock.
  • Available master keyed.
  • Housing dimensions: 67 x 42.8mm
  • Fixing hole separation/diameter: 58.8mm/6mm

Stock No. Cylinder Length x Dia Bolt Type
991A-10 7.5 x 16mm Spring Bolt
991A-20 17 x 16mm Spring Bolt
991A-30 23.3 x 16mm Spring Bolt
991A-40 27.6 x 16mm Spring Bolt
992A-10 7.5 x 16mm Dead Bolt
992A-20 17 x 16mm Dead Bolt
992A-30 23.3 x 16mm Dead Bolt
992A-40 27.6 x 16mm Dead Bolt

img src="../imgs/991/991a-10.jpg"

img src="../imgs/991/991a-20.jpg"

img src="../imgs/991/991a-30.jpg"

img src="../imgs/991/991a-40.jpg"