C910-C940 Series

Combination Safe Lock Dials

  • Dials and rings are constructed from zinc alloy metal with satin chrome plating or a black finish.
  • Available in front-reading or spy-proof styles.
  • Maximum door thickness of 3.4" (86.5mm).

Stock No. Style Dial Dimension Ring Dimension Finish
C910-BP Front Reading 52mm 95mm Black
C910-SC Front Reading 52mm 95mm Satin Chrome
C920-BP Spy Proof 58mm 86mm Black
C920-SC Spy Proof 58mm 86mm Satin Chrome
C930-BP Front Reading 34mm 76mm Black
C930-SC Front Reading 34mm 76mm Satin Chrome
C940-BP Key Locking 50mm 94mm Black
C940-SC Key Locking 50mm 94mm Satin Chrome

img src="../imgs/910/c910-bp.jpg"

img src="../imgs/910/c920-sc.jpg"

img src="../imgs/910/c930-sc.jpg"

img src="../imgs/910/c940-sc.jpg"