786 & 787 Series

Laminated Steel Padlocks

  • Body is constructed of galvanized steel plates, with 8 rivets for security.
  • Triple plated hardened steel shackle.
  • Double ball bearing locking protection.
  • "Master" style 4-pin keyway (786) or a "Yale" style 5 mushroom pin keyway (787).
  • Supplied with 1 (BKA) or 2 (CKD) keys.
  • Locks available keyed-alike (BKA) or keyed-different (CKD).

Stock No. Pins Case Width Shackle Dia Shackle Clearance
786D-40 4 40mm 6.3mm 21mm
786D-44 4 44mm 7.1mm 24mm
786D-50 4 50mm 8.7mm 25mm
787D-40 5 40mm 6.3mm 21mm
787D-44 5 44mm 7.1mm 24mm
787D-50 5 50mm 8.7mm 25mm

786D-40, 786D-50

787D-40. 787D-50