761 Series

Heavy Duty Brass Padlocks

  • Body is constructed from solid brass with stainless steel and brass inner mechanisms.
  • Triple plated hardened steel shackle (excluding 20 and 25mm sizes).
  • Double spring half-half loaded latch locking mechanism.
  • Anti-pick mushroom pin brass cylinder.
  • Supplied with 2 nickel plated brass keys.
  • Key removable in both locked and unlocked positions.
  • Available keyed-alike (KA), keyed-different (KD) or master-keyed (MKD).

Stock No. Case W Case H Case D Shackle Dia Shackle Clear
761S-20 20mm 19mm 11mm 3.5mm 12mm
761S-25 25mm 21mm 12mm 4.0mm 14mm
761S-30 30mm 28.2mm 13mm 5.0mm 17mm
761S-40 40mm 33mm 15mm 6.0mm 23mm
761S-45 45mm 35.8mm 15.3mm 7.0mm 26mm
761S-50 50mm 41mm 17mm 8.0mm 30mm
761S-60 60mm 43mm 19mm 9.5mm 35mm
761S-70 70mm 48mm 21mm 12.0mm 37mm
761N-30 30mm 28.2mm 13mm 5.0mm 45mm
761M-40 40mm 33.5mm 15mm 6.3mm 60mm
761M-50 50mm 41mm 17mm 8.0mm 60mm
761F-50 50mm 41mm 17mm 8.0mm 80mm
761L-40 40mm 33.5mm 15mm 6.3mm 100mm
761L-50 50mm 41mm 17mm 8.0mm 100mm
761L-60 60mm 43mm 19mm 9.5mm 100mm

Remark: 20, 25, and 30 mm locks do not include a water-proof seal.

761S-40, 761S-50

761L-40, 761L-50