710 Series

Mail Box Locks with Dust Shutter

  • Constructed from die cast alloy with chrome or gold plating.
  • 5 brass disc tumbler cylinder.
  • With a round beveled stainless steel cap.
  • Key removable in both locked and unlocked positions.
  • Accepts 8x8mm square punched cams, with cam affixed by an end nut.
  • Six different styles of cams are available.
  • No mounting nuts or forks required. Lock is affixed with a PVC plastic clip, available for two different thicknesses. Specify 0.8-1.0mm or 1.0-1.2mm.
  • Available keyed alike or keyed different.
  • Supplied with 2 keys per lock.

Stock No. Housing Length Cam Length
/Effective Length
710-N11 14.5mm 21.00 / 9.5�0.2mm
710-N12 14.5mm 46.50 / 14.5�0.2mm
710-N13 14.5mm 42.20 / 1.0�0.1mm
710-N14 14.5mm 37.50 / 14.1�0.2mm
710-N15 14.5mm 46.50 / 13.5�0.2mm
710-N16 14.5mm 35.00 / 19.1�0.2mm