6070 Series

Maxi-Security Pay Phone Locks

  • Features our virtually pick-proof detainer disc system.
  • Multiple semi-restricted and restricted keyways available, offering over 1 trillion key combinations.
  • Key removable only in the locked position.
  • Available keyed-alike, keyed-different, or master keyed (surcharges may apply).
  • Micro switch and dual-control solenoids are available.

Stock No. Machine Type Features
6071-16 GTE Nickel plated steel parts, hardened steel cylinder and mounting bolts. For lower coin box.
6071-23 GTE Chrome plated hardened steel with adjustable cam. For service door.
6072-22 Western Nickel plated die cast alloy with hardened steel cap. Fits upper and lower doors.
6073-17 Intellical Chrome plated hardened steel housing.
6078-18 Intellical Chrome plated hardened steel housing.