6000 Series

Detainer Disc System Key Profiles

  • Baton's 6000 Series are available with a number of key profiles which provide different levels of security.
  • There are three types of keyways available:

    - Commercial Keyways - S1, S2, S4, S5. These standard key profiles are supplied without restriction. Key duplication may be obtained at a locksmith level.

    - Restricted Keyways - S6, S7, R Series, D Series. These special key profiles are available when special key security is required. Key duplication can be obtained by special order from our factory or authorized service centers only. D Series keys are made of longer lasting steel instead of nickel-silver, and are reversible.

    - Reserved Keyways - There are some key profiles that have been reserved for unique applications. Quantity order may apply.

Key Profiles

Stock No. Material Key Style
6000-S Nickel-silver Semi-Restricted, Oriented
6000-R Nickel-silver Restricted, Oriented
6000-D Steel Restricted, Reversible